Our Most Awkward Test Drive Moments

June 18, 2020

Written by Jamie-Lee Currey.

What do ripped pants, car accidents, tinder and passing wind have in common?

Test drives! Yep, test drives are a key part of our day-to-day business and turns out we have had some pretty interesting ones across the group . We have even had customers manipulate a test drive to be their free taxi home. No, they didn’t buy the car.  But it certainly made for some good blog content.

Some of these test drives have us like…

Here are some of our most awkward test drive moments shared by some of our sales consultants.

The Bunny Hoppers…

I drove a lady in a manual vehicle. She had her auto licence but wanted manual due to the price being cheaper on manual. I think we made it out the drive way and around the corner and I had to put the handbrake on and ask her to stop. We swapped seats and she decided to stay as an Automatic licenced driver. Thank god.

I had a older customer that had a auto want to go back driving a manual. Being a bit rusty at driving a manual he took off like a bat out of hell and drove straight in to a shipping container that had a car on top of it. the car on top of the container was hanging over the side and the car we were in was a wright off. He got out of the car and said better stay with a auto. got any in red. if you do ill buy it, with out a test drive.

When a test drive becomes a test accident…

We were T-boned at a intersection during a test drive

While going on a test drive with customers who just moved over from America they turned right and drove down the wrong side over the road

During a test drive at my last dealership the customer did not check while changing lanes and we we had a bit of a collision


During a test drive a guy hit on me and ask if I wanted to stop and get coffee while we were out …..awkward

Took a girl on a test drive and apparently we spoke on Tinder, sold her a car but she was already seeing someone.


On one of the first ever test drives I went on, I had a quite attractive female customer behind the wheel of a Cruze Demo. When trying to change gears, she accidentally farted.The best part was she tried to cover it up by asking how the windows work. We never discussed it but she knew, I knew and she bought the car from me (the same one she farted in)

A customer once fell asleep…not sure if I was exhausting or he was bored

Customer farted and it stunk the car out had to wind the window down.

The unfortunate salesman…

Many many years ago I took a school teacher for a test drive, she was an older lady and it was summer time. I had all four windows down about two inches to get some air flow going to cool the car. After driving for about 3km I decided to wind the windows up. The woman sitting in the front passenger seat at this time started screaming. It took me a few seconds to register what had happened and why she was screaming. She was screaming because she had her fingers jammed in the door by the window. Her fingers were bleeding and needless to say she was not a happy camper. She did not buy the car.

I took a young couple on a test drive. They wanted to show Dad the car, and drove to their house. They went inside and never came out. I knocked and knocked, but they wouldn’t come out. It appeared I was their Taxi home. Not happy Jan!!!

Most embarrassing thing that happened to me was when I swapped over for the customer to test drive. He was sitting in the drivers seat and as I got to get in the passenger seat I heard a big rip noise. I looked down and discovered my pants had ripped. It just so happened to be on a day that I wasn’t wearing any underwear!!!